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The Sheriff's Office offers the online resources listed below for citizens and visitors of Dunn County.  If online reporting is more convenient for you, please take advantage of this feature.  However, we are always available to serve you in person, as well.  Please do not use online reporting features for emergency or urgent matters.  Online reports are not monitored live and follow-up is generally completed within 2-3 business days.

Emergency  |  Dial 911                 Non-Emergency Dispatch   |   715-232-1348

File a police report online.  Use this section to report non-emergency crimes that have not yet been reported.  An investigator or deputy will follow-up.  If this is an urgent matter, do not file online and contact the dispatch center immediately.

Online resources and links outside of the Sheriff's Office.  These sites are not associated with the Sheriff's Office.

Refer to this section to complete online forms such as witness reporting or obtain copies of Crime Victim Rights information.

Need assistance with substance abuse or mental health?  Visit this section of our website for more information.

Complete an online voluntary statement form regarding a case or investigation.  You can also complete a handwritten version.  When you submit your statement it will automatically get routed to the case officer and get added to the case file.


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