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Fatal Vehicle Crash Involving Farm Equipment - Town of Lucas

On October 19, 2020, about 2:27 PM the Dunn County Communications Center received a report of a car that had struck an grain auger being towed by a tractor on STH 29 near 270th St in the Town of Lucas. The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash. There was minor injury and road blockage.

The initial crash investigation shows that a 2013 Ford Fusion operated by 25 YOA female was westbound on STH 29 and came up behind a tractor pulling a 61’ grain auger (operated by a 54 YOA male) and struck the back of the auger. The farm equipment was displaying a slow moving vehicle sign. The driver of the car reported that her footwear interfered with her pedal operatation during the crash. However, it is apparent that a contributing factor in the crash is how quickly the distance closed between the female’s vehicle traveling at hwy speed and the slow moving farm vehicle.

The purpose of this press release is to remind the motoring public that the fall is a busy time for local farmers on the roads. There is a lot of extra traffic of large, slow moving farm equipment on the roadways. Please remember that your vehicle traveling at 55 MPH will very quickly close the gap between you and a farm implement that generally operate 15-25 MPH. Also, motorists should pay attention to farm vehicles turning into unexpected driveways. We would like to remind you that WI Statue 346.09 (3)(b) prohibits passing a farm vehicle (implement of husbandry or Ag CMV) in a no passing zone even though that vehicle is traveling less than half the posted speed limit.

The crash remains under investigation by the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office.


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