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Chippewa River Rescue - Southern Dunn County

On Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 9:55 p.m. the Dunn County Communications Center received a report of four adult individuals who were stranded on an island located in the Chippewa River. The caller was reporting that she and three others were tubing down the Chippewa River and that the sun set before they reached their destination. The caller did not know their exact location, but did know they were on an island downstream from the CTH H bridge.

Dunn County Deputies, the Menomonie Fire Department and Durand Fire Department were dispatched to the Chippewa River. The four stranded individuals were located after approximately one hour and were transported to safety by the fire department boats. Deputies then transported them to the Holte boat landing where they had started their trip.

I want to thank the Menomonie and Durand Fire Departments for their quick response and their assistance. The deputies and the fire fighters worked cooperatively to rescue these four individuals.

Many resources were used in this operation and these four individual could have used better judgement regarding the time they left on their trip. Many times river conditions can increase or decrease the speed of the current and effect the time the trip takes. They were very appreciative of the assistance given and we were all happy that everyone was safe.


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