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Armed Suspect Shot by Deputy Following Pursuit into Eau Claire County

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office reports that today, August 7, 2018 at 1:14 PM the Dunn County Communications Center received a report of a male subject harassing a female in the town of Rock Creek, in Dunn County, WI

Dunn County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the area and spoke to the complainant.

At approximately the same time or a short time later, a deputy made contact with the suspect in Caryville. During that contact deputies were attempting to listen to the suspect’s side of the incident. They also identified the subject and was running his name through the state and national data base to see if the person is valid to drive and if there are any warrants on the suspect. We believe the suspect was aware of a warrant on him and abruptly left the location of the contact at a high rate of speed in his vehicle. While deputies began pursuing the vehicle, they were advised by dispatch that there is a warrant for the suspect.

Deputies pursued the suspect toward Eau Claire on STH 85 and near the county line a deputy observed the driver reach behind the seat and pull a long gun into the front seat. The deputies then backed off to wait for additional officers to assist in a stop. The suspect then turned on to a town road in Eau Claire County and the deputies followed cautiously. They ended up losing sight of the vehicle while maneuvering some corners they were not familiar with. A short time later, Eau Claire County deputies arrived in the area and attempted to locate the wanted suspect.

We later heard radio traffic indicating “shots fired”. Dunn County Deputies were not present or involved in that part of this incident. Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer was on scene and was able to provide the media with information regarding that radio traffic.

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