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  • Forwarding Police Reports to attorneys and other police agencies as needed
  • Filing required paperwork with the state such as OWI records, citations, crash reports, and more...
  • Operation of the check diversion program
  • Maintain court security and transporting of prisoners between jurisdictions

The Support Services Division includes the office and clerical personnel at the sheriff's office.  They manage the day-to-day operations in the business office including:

divisions > Support Services

  • Paperwork & Reports Management
  • Civil Process
  • Computerizing Police Records
  • Answering & Forwarding Phone Calls

Fingerprinting - No longer offered by DUSO

As of January 2014, the Dunn County Sheriff's Office no longer offers fingerprinting services for citizens. 

Check Diversion Program

The check diversion program has four main goals. They are:

- Increase the amount of restitution returned to victims of bad checks
- Increase the accountability of all worthless check writers, regardless of the amount of the check
- Promote to local merchants more effective check acceptance and protection procedures
- Reduce the risk of repeat worthless check activity through proper training

Program Summary

1. Checks are entered into the FCS system.
2. Check writers are contacted by the FCS restitution program regarding the checks. Four scenarios are then generally possible:
     A. Check writer pays the Check Diversion Program - 100% of the face value of the check is returned to the merchant plus bank fees if paid. Any restitution received (even partial payment) will be forwarded to the merchant within a month of receipt from the check writer.
     B. Offender completes a financial counseling program offered by the Check Diversion Program.
     C. Check writer fails to pay - the check is sent for prosecution review and proceedings.
     D. If check is not at prosecutable limit check writer is red flagged. The system will then notify if more checks are entered and prosecution review is done again.

Checks Eligible for the Program

- NSF, Account Closed, Refer to Maker, Debit card charge backs, ACH NSF's and Electronic Checks received that do not exceed $2500.00. If your check exceeds $2500.00, please report to law enforcement.
- Worthless checks LESS THAN 120 DAYS from the date issued by the check writer. (exception: first time users to the program can send checks up to 2 years old.)
For more information regarding the Check Diversion Program, or to file a report, please contact the business office at 715-232-1564.

Obtain Copies of Police Reports

In reference to the Wisconsin Open Records Law, Wis. Stat. 19.31-19.39, the Sheriff's Office will provide copies of requested closed police reports in accordance with the law. To obtain copies of police reports, contact the business office. There are general processing fees associated with the request. Police reports can only be issued by business office staff. Deputies cannot release records without supervisor approval, so please do not contact deputies for cases they may have handled.  Click here for more information.