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Lake Menomin in Central Dunn County

Tainter Lake / Red Cedar Channel

Twin Lakes area

Snowmobile Patrol
The sheriff's office utilizes two marked patrol snowmobiles purchased through a law program and funded by the Wisconsin DNR.  Deputies patrol over 320 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Dunn County as well as the frozen waters of Lake Menomin and Tainter during the winter months.  The majority of snowmobile related enforcement expenses are funded through the Wisconsin DNR.

Deputy utilizing Sonar and underwater camera 

ATV/UTV Enforcement
Although Dunn County does not currently have any ATV trails, most townships throughout the rural parts of the county have marked ATV/UTV routes.  The Sheriff's Office responds to ATV/UTV related complaints year-round and provides enforcement of all state laws and local ordinances regarding the safe operation of ATV's.

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Red Cedar River

for evidence recovery.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office provides recreational safety patrol and assists the Wisconsin DNR with fish & game violations throughout Dunn County.  In the winter, deputies provide snowmobile enforcement on the county's 320 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.  During the summer months, deputies provide boat enforcement on the three main lakes of Tainter, Menomin, and Eau Galle, as well as the Red Cedar and Chippewa River.  The patrol is not staffed full-time and coverage is only provided on an as-needed basis.

Water Patrol
The sheriff's office utilizes an 18' patrol vessel funded by the DNR to patrol the lakes and larger waterways in the county and a smaller 16' vessel for smaller and shallow waterways.  The majority of water patrol operations are funded through the Wisconsin DNR.  Per state statute, the Sheriff has the responsibility for search and rescue and recovery operations on local waters.  The water patrol provides the following services:

Northwest Landing - Tainter Lake near Elk Point Resort



Deputy patrolling Lake Tainter

- Enforcement of local and state boat safety laws and regulations.

- Search & Rescue Operations
​- Evidence Searches

- Recovery Operations

- Notification of Severe Weather

- Investigation of boat crashes

- Provides patrol visibility during heavy populated events such as 4th of July and other holiday weekends as necessary.

Chippewa River near Dunnville State Wildlife Area