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media releases

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office is concerned about keeping the community informed about the operations of the Sheriff's Office. One of the ways we accomplish this is by regularly keeping the news media, and therefore the public, informed of the events involving the Sheriff's Office and its personnel.

Press releases are generated by field supervisors and contain factual information about an event. Press releases are approved by command staff and then distributed to local news media as soon as possible.

*Note that releases are currently being uploaded and not all releases are available online at the moment.  Please check back in the near future.

Date of Incident   Date of Release   Description

02/20/2020                       02/20/2020                    Fatal Crash

02/02/2020                       02/03/2020                    Fatal Crash

01/19/2020                         01/20/2020                    Snowmobile Sign Damage

01/15/2020                         01/17/2020                     Homicide

01/12/2020                         01/12/2020                     Train Derailment 

12/17/2019                          12/17/2019                      Vehicle Vs Train Crash

12/05/2019                         12/05/2019                     Tractor Accident

11/14/2019                          11/22/2019                      Missing Person

01/31/2018                          11/13/2019                       McGee Sentence                                   

09/20/2019                        09/21/2019                     Boating Investigation

09/04/2019                        09/10/2019                     Search Warrant 

09/08/2019                        09/08/2019                    Hunting Accident

​08/13/2019                         08/09/2019                    Inmate Release

05/01/2019                         05/01/2019                     Fatal Crash

04/26/2019                        04/26/2019                    Fatal Crash