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This class is offered on a regular basis. Topics include: See how your thought processes keep you stuck in destructive behaviors, Recognize the connection between addiction and criminal activity, Develop new, healthier ways of relating to others, Learn how to keep your recovery strong

Staying Quit

This is a programs that is MRT based, 8 module course. This programs looks at the way people think about their using behaviors and address their triggers to relapse and what to do in order to prevent them.

Art Exploration

This program is facilitated by UW-Stout Art Education students. The classes are lasting 4 weeks and work on therapeutic skills for assisting people to using art as a way to relax. Students are provided with Sketch pads and colored pencils in this class and is offered through the academic school year.

Crisis Counseling and Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health counseling is provided by Dunn County Behavioral Health.  They provide crisis assessments, suicide risk screenings, along with follow up counseling sessions for incarcerated persons.  This service is conducted through referrals provided by Sergeants, Program Director, and Nurse. 

Computer Lab

There are four laptop computers available for use by the inmates for Law Library, searching for employment, applying for admission to college, applying for financial aid, working on cover letters or resume, and keyboard practice.  Computer Lab is directly supervised by Program Director.


This class is offered quarterly to help people focus on different outlets to their thoughts and feelings. We use different ways to work on self expression with monthly mood trackers and other creative techniques.


(High School Equivalency Diploma) class is held at the discretion of the Menomonie High School teacher once per week (if there is a student incarcerated).  The goal is for the participant to prepare for GED or HSED testing.  Inmates under 21 years old can participate.  Funded by the Menomonie School District.

Sunday Church

 Jesus Fellowship and Gideons – non denominational - male and female services.  This is provided by community/church volunteers.

Stop the Chaos

This program is an evidence based course that explores getting control of your life and beating addictions

Creative Writing

This program is a four-week program meeting one hour weekly.  The program format is to identify a topic and read it aloud.  The teacher will then model a writing from that topic and read it aloud.  The class is instructed to write their own thoughts on the topic for ten minutes.  They will then be allowed to read their writings aloud (optional).  The facilitator will then pick those writings that she feels to be outstanding and send them to The Sun magazine for publication with the permission of the individual.  This is contracted through the Literacy of the Chippewa Valley.

Effective Communication

This class is offered multiple times per year for both genders. It is a 5 part class learning how to use our skills of communication with on another. We focus on speaking, listening, body language, texting and relationships.

Parenting from the inside

Parenting from the Inside is a class geared towards parents that wish to learn information on healthy family practices and skills to start practicing while being away from family. These skills are on topics like communication, coping with stress, child guidance, and using resources in the community.

Surviving to Thriving

This program is taught by volunteers with the Bridge to Hope. This will be once a week for 4 weeks and include topics of Trauma, Power and control, Coping and Self Care, Communication and boundaries, and  self esteem and self worth. It is offered quarterly.

Wii Game Program

This program’s main goal is to promote positive behavior and rewarding the positive behavior with one hour per week of Wii Game activities.  There is special times set aside specifically for Wii Game usage.  Inmates must request weekly if they would like to participate.  The Program Director will determine if the individual is eligible to play, based on citations, and the Director will oversee the Wii Game activities.    

Child Reading Program

This program is offered in December to those inmates who will be incarcerated over the holiday, who have children under the age of 10.  The idea for the program is to continue the bond with their children while incarcerated.  Inmates will read a book while being recorded.  The recording is then converted to a CD.  The book and CD will be sent to the child before the holiday. This program is provided by Literacy Volunteers of the Chippewa Valley.

Alcohol Assessments and Evaluations

AODA evaluations and assessments are provided at the jail by Arbor Place.  These programs are at the expense of the inmate.  Orders must come from probation and parole or from the courts and payment of the assessments must be paid to Arbor Place in advance.  The inmate pays for their own assessments.

Change Company – Work groups

There are several booklets that can be provided to inmates to work on behavioral changes through interactive journaling.  The journals map out where they have been, where they are now, where they wish to go and how to get there.  The products used are evidence-based materials that assist individuals in making positive life changes.

Financial Literacy

This is a 2 part class offered with RCU.


This program is offered 2 times a month for males and 1 time a month for females. This is a program to address  substance use and area of treatment.

Book Club

This program is offered monthly to males with the Menomonie Public Library. The inmates receive their book early in the month then meet to discuss the book and watch the coordinating movie.

Breaking Barriers

This cognitive reality model training series is designed for use with men and women who are in correctional settings.  The series is very effective at creating within the participant’s awareness that change is possible, then providing the tools to develop cognitive thinking skills so change can take place.  This program is held bi-monthly.   Program Facilitate by Dunn County Jail Program Director

Exercise Program

Is held weekly for males and once weekly for females (if people to attend). This program is focused on giving the inmates the opportunity to do a variety of different exercises, to allow them to physically exert themselves in a positive manner.  This program is provided by the Jail Program Director or their designee.

Beyond Trauma

The evidence-based materials are designed for trauma treatment, although the connection between trauma and addiction in women’s lives is a primary theme throughout. This class is offered bi-annually when there are enough participants. It takes 6 weeks of 12 2-hour classes.

Career Planning

This program allows Inmates with the assistance of CVTC to take career assessments, learn about Community College benefits, other programs CVTC has to offer and some people enroll in college so they may start their secondary education once on Huber or after release.


This class focuses on the struggles people face finding and maintaining housing. It also includes sections on evictions, programs and services people may qualify for and much more. This class is developed by the Program Director and Heidi Hooten, the Shelter Coordinator of Stepping Stones.

Music Therapy

This class is offered occasionally. The participant would pick a song that has emotional value and the class listen to it while they color. After the song is played we would discuss it's emotional impact for that person.


This class is offered approximately every other month. It was developed by the Program Director and Heidi Hooten with Stepping Stones. This is a 10-12 part course that goes over many topics including: developing friendships, mental wellness, when you seek medical care, how to keep housing, car maintenance and so much more. There is literally something for everyone.

Work Readiness

Quarterly we have local temp agencies come to our facility to talk to our lock up inmates about jobs. This helps bridge the gap between release and employment with our inmates applying to job prior to their release or Huber privilege.

Parenting with Love and Logic

This is a 6 session class that teaches people how to use empathy and logical consequences when raising their children. This is facilitated by the Program Director.

Recovery Peer

The Recovery Peer Support Group is based on ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families).Each week the group addresses one of the 14 Traits. Participants are encouraged to connect the trait to their own life. It is appropriate for folks with substance use addiction and/or mental health issues.

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Watercolor Painting

This program is offered during Stout semesters that University Students come in and facilitate a 4 week watercolor course. Each class is over an hour and is twice a week.

Insideout Dad

InsideOut Dad® is proven to develop pro-fathering attitudes, knowledge, and skills, giving fathers the necessary strategies to prepare them for release. The core program sessions feature unique exercises and research-based tools and techniques to encourage fathering from the inside. The optional reentry sessions help fathers prepare for responsibilities and challenges they will face on the outside. This class is offered quarterly and takes 12 2-hour sessions for the main focus. Additional 6 2-hour sessions for the Reentry portion.

Education/Tech Education

Education classes are held Monday and Wednesday from 10-11:45 for females and 12:30-2pm for the males.  Inmates 21 years old and older can participate.  The goal is for the participant to prepare for GED (Certificate of General Educational Development) testing. Those that already have their High School Diploma or GED can work on their Resume, Cover Letter, and inter-active Interviewing. There are also numerous certificate classes students can take during this time to help boost their employability. Technology Education also is provided to help students learn Laptop and Ipad skills.  These services are contracted through Literacy of the Chippewa Valley.


This program is offered quarterly. Topics include:  tapping our own resilience, common sense and wisdom, listening, dealing with separate realities, thought recognition, moods, and keeping our grounding during times of stress.


Bingo is held every other month where inmates that have been violation free for 30 days can participate. During this time people can win left over canteen items and other prizes.  

Jail Garden

The Jail garden is kept up by Huber (work release) inmates with work search privileges that have not yet attained employment and for those inmates that are working and want to volunteer on their day off from work. The Huber inmates are to be monitored by volunteers at all times.  The proceeds from the garden are donated to the local Food Pantry.  This is overseen by the Jail Program Director and community volunteers.

Reformers Unanimous

This is a weekly addictions program offered for males in jail.  The focus is on a plan of salvation, this is accomplished through stories of victory, motivational awards, and well-trained leadership staff.  They offer a comprehensive discipleship curriculum. This is provided by volunteers from the Baptist Church.

Work Shops

During the year different local non-profits visit our facility to discuss the different opportunities that they have to offer. Some of these include but are not limited to: Aids Resource Center, Hope Gospel Mission, WestCap, Stepping Stones and more. 

Jehovah's Witness Bible Study

A male and female bible study is conducted on a weekly basis.

Library Services

Inmates have access to library services every Saturday morning for lock up inmates and every Sunday for Huber inmates. The Dunn County Jail Library is supplied by inmate and community donations of books.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Held every other Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. for males and once monthly for females.  This is provided by Community AA Corrections Volunteers.

Coping With Anger

This is an open-ended cognitive-behavioral program.  There is a workbook with a series of six sessions that have to be completed in order to successfully complete the program.  The program is mainly inmate driven with those in the advanced sessions overseeing the work of those in the beginning sessions.  The Program Director facilitates the program.